Miami Book Fair 2021/ Estaré presentando mi último libro de cuentos.


On this occasion, writers from Latin America, the United States and Spain will participate as always.

The Miami Book Fair, organized by Miami Dade College, is the special occasion when all those who, in one way or another, have a connection with the book come together. A material or spiritual bond that ends up being a cultural festival between writers, booksellers, librarians, publishers, printers, illustrators, artists, collectors and readers, who honor books and literary creation. The Fair is a capital cultural activity in the city and throughout the state, an event awaited with great expectation throughout the year. The Book Fair is the place where books are bought and sold in large quantities, but where attendees also enjoy, have fun and learn. After a long period of pandemic, which forced most of the businesses in the world to change their standards, the Book Fair was no exception; had to readapt and change the promotion of reading and personal and live presentations, for the virtual option throughout the year 2020 and part of this 2021.
The Program in Spanish of the Book Fair, unique in the country, and with a huge multifaceted team of only four elements: Inés Flores, Deyanira Navarrete and Sergio Andricaín, led by Mariela Gal. Team that has grown exponentially in these bad times, due to its magnificent results, which extend to carrying out activities throughout the year, inventing new spaces, listening to proposals and materializing them; which makes them an essential echo of creation. To them goes the gratitude of the Latin Americans living in Miami and the rest of Latin America, where their presentations arrived and accompanied them in their loneliness and anguish; especially that of writers who have reached many corners of the world as never before where a person would like to hear their voice. But the time has come, little by little, to recover ground from the ballast represented by COVID-19 and its devastating variants. In 2021, writers from Latin America, the United States and Spain will participate as always, a community that includes speaking and writing in Spanish, although there are also special presentations in other languages ​​with their simultaneous translations. There will be 26 tables, 4 face-to-face and 22 virtual, and two events will be offered that will leave the physical space of the MDC and will take place in Downtown Doral. We will have a special night with the launch of the magazine Granta # 155 / in Spanish, of the best young storytellers under 35 years of age in the Spanish language, a list that includes the Cuban writer based in Miami, Dainerys Machado Vento, the publisher will participate and some of the narrators included. For the 8th consecutive year, the little ones and also the adults will enjoy the Children’s Literature and Reading Seminar in conjunction with Cuatrogatos: ‘Words and lines: the warp of books for children and young people’. With a very complete program: ‘Kissing the inner side of words’, where the Brazilian writer Marina Colasanti will talk with Antonio Orlando Rodríguez; ‘Roads and crossroads in the illustration of children’s books’, in which the prominent Mexican illustrator Israel Barrón will be interviewed by Fanuel Hanán Díaz and ‘Clues to approach the detective novel for young people’, with the renowned authors Andrea Ferrari (Argentina) and José Ignacio Valenzuela (Chile) who will chat with Sergio Andricaín. The presentation of iconic writers will undoubtedly be the strongest dishes, the coffee that we will have with Nélida Piñón and Elena Poniatowska, and the presentation of Irene Vallejo with her bestseller, ‘El infinito en un junco’, a book with more than 200,000 copies sold and with more than 26 editions, translated into more than 30 languages. An essay on the classical world and the invention of books when the world settled down to see them disappear; 400 pages written and conceived as ‘Paula’ by Isabel Allende. Sunday 14 “Poetry in Spanish without borders” begins, with Joaquín Badajoz and his book ‘Cántaro’, and Alejandro Pérez-Cortés of the 2020 Peace Prize for Poetry with ‘Ima and Coli are the tree that never was a seed’. It will honor Esdras Parra, writer, poet and Venezuelan trans woman, who was the founding editor of the literary magazine Imagen. Parras began his career writing short stories and later poetry. It has been translated into English by Jamie Berrout. The tribute will be carried out by the writers, Kelly Martínez-Grandal and Claudia Noguera Penso. In the afternoon there will be Pilar Quintana, winner of the 2021 Alfaguara Novel Prize with her book ‘Los abismos’, talking to Beatriz Mendoza and later, ‘Un café’ with Nélida Piñón, Brazilian author and teacher, considered today one of the most outstanding writers from Brazil and highly recognized throughout the world.Monday 15th Conversation between the Uruguayan-Spanish author of children’s books, cinema, television and the Planeta de Novela Prize, Carmen Posadas, and Valentina Trava, cultural promoter. Then there will be a tribute to Augusto Monterroso on the centenary of his birth at a table moderated by Ana María Shua, with the participation of Pía Barros, Raúl Brasca, José María Merino, Agustín Monsreal and Pablo Montoya. Tuesday 16 On Tuesday we started with Un café and two greats from the media, Don Francisco in conversation with Andrés Oppenheimer; later we will go to the table: “Of prisons and dreams of freedom” with Pedro Corzo, Armando Sosa Fortuny (‘Martyr of freedom’). Later you will be able to enjoy “The power of the everyday in the novel” with Marina Condó, Flores de la calle, Gerardo Fernández Fe, (‘Hotel Singapore’) and José Fernández Pequeno (‘So many reasons to hate Emilia’).Wednesday 17 “The essay: a literary exercise to interpret the world” in which María Teresa Andruetto (‘Strange job’) and Enrique del Risco (‘Those who are going to write greet you’) participate. At another table, “Essays on Literature and Power” will be presented with Carolina Sanín (‘Passing by’) and Irene Vallejo (‘Infinity in a junk’). In the evening there will be a bilingual event with the also iconic Sandra Quintero. Thursday 18 Jorge Ramos will have a conversation with Leonardo Padrón in Un café. The activity “Literature and arts: creative symbiosis” is loaded with presentations of great value: “From the ballroom to the book”: José Arteaga and Judy Cantor Navas (Cha, cha, cha); “From the Caribbean to the world: the transcendent aesthetics of Humberto Castro”, with Humberto Castro in the company of the author and editor Francine Birbragher; “That is not talked about or Hitchcock films in the closet” with Santiago Rodríguez and his book Hitchcock, homosexuality and the MacGuffins.‘Manual del impertinente’, in conversation with the writer and artist Ena Columbié; and “Around the dramatic text” with Carmen Duarte (‘Ethnicity, race and sexuality in Hispanic-Caribbean female dramaturgy in the United States’) and Abel González Melo (‘Cádiz en Martí’), panel moderated by Mario Ernesto Sánchez. Friday 19 “Verses to bet on hope” with Emilio de Armas (‘Holding the hand that guides me’), Yosie Crespo (‘We wanted to know what was a rose / What Is a Rose? We Wondered’) and Montse Ordóñez, (‘It’s always night in Pyongyang’). Eileen Cardet presents her book ‘Uranus’. Saturday 20th Presentation of Granta and the Cuatrogatos seminar. Also a special moment in the streets with authors and books on the newsstands: “Stories in times of pandemic” with Jorge Ferrer (‘Days of Coronavirus’), Verónica Murguía (‘ The fourth horseman ‘) and Edmundo Paz-Soldán (‘ There outside there are monsters’). Also “Narratives on the borders of reality and fantasy” with Pablo Baler (‘Chabrancán’), Sara Jaramillo Klinkert (‘Where the whales sing’) and Gabriel Trujillo Muñoz (‘The border is a hot weapon’). Sunday 21 Closing of the Book Fair. They will present “The past as a trigger for fictions” with Isabel García Cintas (‘The message of the Dutch woman), Fermín Goñi (‘ A day of war in Ayacucho ‘), Andrés Pérez Domínguez (‘ The Saint Petersburg dancer ‘) and Lourdes Vázquez (‘Origins of the eternal and things like this’, stories). Today’s Venezuelan writers bring Karina Sainz Borgo (‘The Third Country’), Keila Vall de la Ville (‘January is the longest month’) and Jacqueline Goldberg (‘Destruction, have mercy’). A coffee with Elena Poniatowska talking with Arturo Morell closes with finery the awaited meeting by all, the appointment that can never be missed, a brief goodbye with celebration to the beloved Mexican writer and the certainty of the return.  From: Miami Book Fair Press Release


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